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Types of Life Insurance
Life insurance may be classified in a variety of ways. A classification depending primarily on the manner in which the premium is collected comprises regular ordinary, debit, and group life insurance. Regular ordinary insurance can be further classified into whole life, limited-payment life, endowment, and term. Debit life insurance can be classified into debit ordinary and industrial. Life insurance may also be classified as participating and nonparticipating, depending on whether or not the policyholder shares in the savings or the profits of the insurer.

Regular Ordinary Life Insurance
Regular ordinary life and debit ordinary life insurances are generally sold in units of roughly 600, and premiums are payable on an annual, semiannual, quarterly, or monthly basis. Ordinary life insurance may be used to provide a lump sum or continuing income to family beneficiaries, or it may be used by a firm to insure the life of a business executive. With the exception of term life insurance, ordinary life insurance builds cash values that can be borrowed to help families meet emergencies or take advantage of business opportunities. A medical examination usually is required to buy life insurance.

1. Whole-Life Insurance
Whole-life insurance provides for the payment of the face amount of the policy on the death of the insured, whenever it might occur. Premium payments are made during the entire lifetime of the insured person; this differs from limited-payment and endowment policies. All cash-value policies like whole life, endowment, and limited-payment life are required to provide values that cannot be lost should the insured terminate the policy. Such benefits provide that the insured may obtain the cash surrender value and terminate the policy; or the insured may obtain a paid-up whole-life policy in a reduced amount; or he or she may obtain term insurance for the full face amount of the policy for a specified period. A loan provision in all such policies permits the insured to borrow up to the full amount of the cash surrender value at any time, subject to specified limitations.

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